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Uncover the secrets of Colombian coffee on a mountainous coffee farm near Medellin.


Head to San Sebastián de Palmitas, just a 45-minute drive from Medellin, to start this exceptional coffee tour. After being picked up from your hotel, you’ll make your way to a coffee farm and hear a brief history of the coffee’s origins and how it first came to Colombia.


Discover all the secrets of Colombian coffee, famous worldwide for its quality and delicious flavor. Learn about its history, origin, cultivation, and the coffee beans themselves. Learn to prepare and taste different types of coffee.

  1. Discover the coffee culture of Colombia on a day trip from Medellin.

  2. Enjoy coffee tastings led by your expert guide.

  3. Learn about the necessary procedures to make Colombian coffee.

  4. Put on the typical attire of Colombian “muleros” with a poncho and a hat.

  5. Enjoy an optional horseback ride through the beautiful landscape.

Full Description

Enjoy on a day trip from Medellin to San Sebastián de Palmitas, just a short 45-minute drive away, for an insightful coffee farm tour. Begin your journey with transportation from your hotel and a visit to a local coffee farm, where you’ll learn about the history and origins of Colombian coffee.


During the tour, experience the traditional dress of “muleros paisas” and discover the various stages of coffee production, from harvesting to drying. Following these activities, enjoy a “mucilago de cafe ” drink and a unique tea made from coffee pulp, along with a regional dish featuring plantains, honey, and cheese.


Under the guidance of an expert guide, learn about the techniques for preparing and tasting coffee, participate in a tasting session with different brews and snacks, and enjoy a meal consisting of typical “muleros paisa” dishes.


Put your knowledge into practice by trying your hand at preparing your own coffee. At the conclusion of the tour, receive a coffee package as a souvenir and explore the farm’s products at the on-site shop. Optionally, take a 45-minute horseback ride through the farm with instructions provided for those new to riding. This immersive experience offers an informative journey through the history and culture of Colombian coffee.

Follow Tour Guidelines

Adhere to all guidelines and instructions provided by the tour operator and guides. These guidelines are in place for your safety and the safety of others


day 1

  • Pick up from your location of choice.
  • Arrive at coffee farm.
  • Guided tour and coffee taste / horsebacking if you choose the option.
  • Return to your location of choice.
Service less than 4 people
Coffee tour with transportation.
$75 USD or 300.000 COP
Coffee tour with transportation + horsebacking.
$100 USD or 400.000 COP

Pricing From:

Coffee tour with transportation 1 person: $50

Coffee tour with transportation and horsebacking 1 person: $75 Each

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