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When renting with us, you will rent top-quality, meticulously maintained motorcycles: Your safety is our top priority, so we ensure our fleet is in top condition with the best parts and service available. Experienced riders understand the importance of quality: We cater to riders who appreciate the difference a well-maintained bike makes. Explore Colombia with confidence and peace of mind. Rent a motorcycle from us today!

Navigating Equipment &
Gear in Colombia


Planning a trip to Colombia involves careful consideration of the equipment and gear you’ll need for a safe and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re bringing your own gear, relying on our offerings, or looking to purchase locally, this guide will help you make informed decisions for your tour, rental, or stay.

Our Basic Equipment:

On all our rentals, we equip you with essential gear to ensure a comfortable and secure journey. This includes the motorcycle, equipped with 360 Crash Bar protection, Saddle bag support bars, GPS Tracking, phone support services, maps and recommendations, phone holder, USB charger, a 40-liter Luggage Box, explorer lighting for varied climate and low-light conditions (Yellow & White Beams), Helmet, Protective Jacket, Riding Gloves, Optional Rain Gear, Optional Tool & First Aid Kit, Optional Tire Repair Kit and Tire Pump Kit, Optional Rok Straps, and more. If you have additional requirements, let us know in advance, and we’ll have it ready for your arrival.

Buying Local Equipment:

While we provide standard-level equipment, we encourage riders to bring their preferred gear for a personalized and comfortable experience. If bringing your equipment isn’t feasible, Medellin offers various quality shops with global and nationally recognized brands. Our recommended shop, Cascos YC Medellin, located at [Cl 10A #40-45, El Poblado, Medell√≠n, has a comprehensive selection. Contact us first and or we can connect with them  on WhatsApp before your arrival, and we can assist in connecting you with a bilingual sales representative or pre ordering your gear.

Website: Cascos YC Medellin

Colombia Online 

ENMOTO Colombia is a highly regarded online store based in Colombia, serving as a popular choice for both the speaker’s team and clients. This platform is a go-to source for motorcycle gear, particularly when items are not available on Amazon or through partners at Cascos YC. The ENMOTO website (www.enmoto.co) offers an extensive selection of the latest gear, known for both national and international quality acclaim. Users have the convenience of browsing, making purchases, and choosing either pickup or office delivery options. This flexibility ensures that riders can easily access up-to-date gear for their trips. ENMOTO Colombia stands out as a reliable and accessible online store, providing a seamless solution for motorcycle enthusiasts in Colombia to find and obtain high-quality gear.

Website: Enmoto

Local Protective Gear:

ADT Motowear, a local company, offers top-of-the-line yet affordable protective jackets and gear. Notify us before your arrival, and we’ll introduce you to this reputable local shop for fittings. After your trip, consider donating your gear to a local Colombian or take it with you for future adventures.

Website: ADT Motowear 

Ship to us (Amazon & eBay) 

Clients worldwide, familiar with and trusting Amazon, can now have their selected gear shipped directly to us in Colombia. If you find the gear you need on Amazon, simply contact us for our address Receiver (Your Name First & Tom Speer; Colombia Motorcycle Rental & Tour Co.) . Once you’ve placed your order on Amazon using our provided address, we’ll receive and securely hold your gear. This option allows you to leverage the convenience of Amazon while ensuring your gear is ready and waiting for your Colombian adventure. Reach out to us, ask for our address, and streamline the process of getting the gear you trust for your journey.

As you prepare for your Colombian adventure, keep us informed about your gear preferences. If you’d like assistance in planning or having your gear ready, we’re here to help. Additionally, if you plan to ship items to our address via Amazon or local partners, we can facilitate the process to ensure everything is set for your arrival. Safe travels!

contact@colombiamotorcycletour.com | WhatsApp: +57 300 765 5093