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Enhancing Your Colombian Adventure
Hiring a Bilingual Guide


Embarking on a motorcycle tour in Colombia is an exhilarating experience, and having a local guide can elevate it to new heights. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring a bilingual guide, the expertise they bring, pricing details, and what’s included in the package.

Why Ride with a Local Guide:

We strongly recommend riding with a local guide or joining one of our recommended tours to make the most of your Colombian journey. Whether opting for a fully guided tour, an all-inclusive experience, or a VIP tour, riding with a local ensures you discover the best locations, scenic viewpoints, and authentic local experiences. Even if you prefer a self-guided tour, we can provide remote guidance with maps and directions.

Local Guides Expertise:

Our guides are bilingual to trilingual, fluent in English, Spanish, some Portuguese, French, Italian, and even some German. Most guides have a proficiency level of B1-C2 in English and are native Colombians, offering insights into local nuances and dialects. This local knowledge can be invaluable in enhancing your journey, providing access to the best places, and navigating Colombia’s unique regional cultures.


Hiring a local guide typically costs between $80 to $120 USD per day, inclusive of their ride on one of our adventure motorcycles. This fee covers their fuel, meals, guiding services, and associated costs. For longer distances, considerations like hotel stays may apply. Contact us well in advance to ensure availability for your desired tour date.

What’s Included with a Local Guide:

Beyond their language proficiency and knowledge, our guides come prepared with a tool kit, tire repair and puncture kit, and a first aid kit. They offer assistance with any issues that may arise during the journey. Your guide will provide strong food recommendations, ensure you experience the highlights of each pueblo, and share local cultural insights. If you’re interested in practicing your Spanish, consider it a bonus—Spanish lessons, courtesy of your local guide.


To make the most of your Colombian adventure, consider hiring a bilingual guide. Whether exploring off the beaten path or delving into local culture, a guide enhances your experience, providing valuable assistance and insights along the way. Contact us to arrange for a local guide, and let the journey unfold with added richness and authenticity. Safe travels!

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