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When renting with us, you will rent top-quality, meticulously maintained motorcycles: Your safety is our top priority, so we ensure our fleet is in top condition with the best parts and service available. Experienced riders understand the importance of quality: We cater to riders who appreciate the difference a well-maintained bike makes. Explore Colombia with confidence and peace of mind. Rent a motorcycle from us today!

Documents & Understanding Necessary Riding Rules & Responsibilities in Colombia


RUNT (Registro Único Nacional de Tránsito – National Unique Registry of Transit): 

RUNT” is a crucial national database that consolidates vehicle and driver information in Colombia. It includes details such as vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, traffic violations, and insurance. Keep your records up-to-date through the official Colombian RUNT website here.  In order to buy a motorcycle or get registered here in Colombia, “Officially” you will need to be in the RUNT system.  Contact us today to help you get set up. 

SOAT (Seguro Obligatorio de Accidentes de Tránsito – Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance):

 ”SOAT” is mandatory insurance that covers medical expenses and damages resulting from traffic accidents. Always have a copy or digital version of your SOAT while riding in Colombia to comply with legal requirements. We provide all our riders with this document before they take off, if you don’t receive this document, please let us know. 

Matricula:  “Matricula” refers to vehicle registration in Colombia. Carry your Matricula or a digital copy while riding, as it serves as a unique identifier and is a legal requirement for operating a vehicle. If you are pulled over without this document it could result in your vehicle being taken from you by the authorities. 

Pico y Placa: “Pico y Placa” restricts vehicle circulation in Colombian cities based on the last few digits of your license plates. For motorcycle rentals or rides, understand the restrictions in the city you’re in. You can only ride within city limits 6 out of 7 days, so stay informed and comply with local regulations. 

Pro Tip: Always ask for the latest Pico y Placa regulations in the city you’re traveling to or renting in.

Speeding & Violation Cameras:Colombia uses traffic cameras to monitor speed and other violations. Breaking traffic laws may result in fines or vehicle confiscation. Obey traffic rules to avoid penalties and always look out for those nasty cameras. 

Tolls & Tunnels: Colombia has extensive tolls and tunnels across the country. Tolls are currently free for motorcycles (this may change anytime), most tunnels are open to pass except a spotted few, like the Medellin Airport Tunnel. Pay attention to toll procedures, pass on the right when pulling up to a both, and avoid the Medellin Airport Tunnel.

Driver’s License: Tourists can drive in Colombia with a valid passport and driver’s license from their home country for up to three months. Carry a copy of your passport with the entry stamp as proof. Obtaining a Colombian driver’s license is not necessary for short-term visits.

Obtaining a Colombian Driver’s License: If you plan to stay longer, the process involves registering in the RUNT system, enrolling in a driving school, taking classes, passing exams, undergoing a medical exam, and obtaining your license from a Tránsito office. We can support you in this process if needed.

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