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Invest in the Journey​

When renting with us, you will rent top-quality, meticulously maintained motorcycles: Your safety is our top priority, so we ensure our fleet is in top condition with the best parts and service available. Experienced riders understand the importance of quality: We cater to riders who appreciate the difference a well-maintained bike makes. Explore Colombia with confidence and peace of mind. Rent a motorcycle from us today!

Invest in the Journey


Colombia Motorcycle Rental & Tour, operated by SG Enterprises SAS (NIT: 901567840), invites you to be a part of our exciting journey through an investment opportunity. As we embark on our mission to become the premier rental and tour company in Colombia and beyond, we welcome investors to join us in this growth story.

Investment Options:

  1. Colombian Type M Visa Investment Program:

   – Entry Costs:  Starting at $30,000 USD.

   – Visa Type: (M) Migrant Visa.

   – Duration: Up to 3 years.

  1. Direct Ownership for Type R Resident Visa:

   – Minimum Investment: $100,000 USD.

   – Visa Type: (R) Resident Visa.

   – Duration: Permanent residence permit.

Colombian Investment Visas:

Colombian visas fall into three main categories: V (Visitor), M (Migrant), and R (Resident). The (V) Visitor Visa is for temporary visits, while the (M) Migrant Visa and (R) Resident Visa are long-term options. Detailed information on Colombian visas can be found on the government website.

How Your Investment Helps Us Grow:

By investing in Colombia Motorcycle Rental & Tour, you become an integral part of our expansion plans. Starting from Medellin and extending to other locations in Central and South America, we aim to grow strategically with a focus on 150cc, 190cc, and mid-sized 300cc Adventure Motorcycles. Our partnership with Honda ensures the quality and reliability of our fleet. As we evolve, we aspire to become the premier rental and tour company in Colombia and beyond, with future plans for high CC Adventure motorcycles.

Get in Touch:

If you are interested in joining us on this exciting journey, we encourage you to reach out. We are happy to provide you with our Stock Purchase Agreement and detailed Business Plans. Connect with us via email or WhatsApp. 

Invest in our vision, and let’s ride towards success together!

tom@colombiamotorcycletour.com | WhatsApp: +57 300 765 5093